We weren’t created to fit in.

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That’s why our apparel is designed for those who dare to be different.

We’ve taken style, polished that thing up, dragged it through the streets and dirt and made fashion uniquely our way.


We don’t want to sell you on a lifestyle - we want to sell you on badass clothing that looks like it was designed for the fashion runway or the racing dirt ways...or anywhere in between.
we combine streetwear clothing, action sports, and artistic expression to empower those who don’t conform to the conventional look.


Forget about blending into the crowd like some sort of drab wallflower that hasn’t been watered in a week. Break out of the mold, be daring, be memorable and look like a million bucks (without having to spend that much).


Are we brash? Yep. Are we awesome? Yep. Can you handle it? Hell yes.

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Glide through the streets skateboarding in our comfortable Ghost Icon t-shirt.

Tattoed skater holding skateboard walking, wearing a ghost graphic red shirt, wearing jeans and chucks.


Fallen. Broken. Busted. Nothing stops you from full sending it. It's all mental!
(Jesse Gregory - IG: @lilbmxwolf)

Black and white photography of ariel view of skatepark from a drone. Teenager skateboarding in t-shirt and shorts.
Pro BMXer Jesse Gregory wearing the Mentality by 2ZTD, a representation of the attitude of pushing through. A quick fix of duct tape and a sharp shock form a battery will get you back on the right state of mind to conquer the course. A common practice seen in skaters, BMX, motocross, athletes, snowboarders and other extreme sports.