Men's and Women's Action Sports Design Clothing

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Glide through the streets skateboarding in our comfortable Ghost Icon graphic t shirt.


Fallen. Broken. Busted. Nothing stops you from full sending it. It's all mental!
(Jesse Gregory - IG: @lilbmxwolf)

Pro BMXer Jesse Gregory wearing the Mentality by 2ZTD, a representation of the attitude of pushing through. A quick fix of duct tape and a sharp shock form a battery will get you back on the right state of mind to conquer the course. A common practice seen in skaters, BMX, motocross, athletes, snowboarders and other extreme sports. 24 inch bmx bike


Choose from a range of impressive graphics to compliment your style when you're tearing up the asphalt or riding on dirt.


We constantly search for the best textiles and materials, as well as different variations of printing techniques to provide a quality streetwear product.


We aren't meant for everyone, but instead we are heavily influenced and cater to those who aren't afraid to make their own path and leave the expected to the rest.


Our apparel is designed for those who dare to be different, and demand the highest quality of art as graphic tees. We combine streetwear clothing, action sports, and artistic expression to empower those who don’t conform to the conventional look.

99 T-shirt

Chipped teeth, broken bones, to broken bike chains, there are many broken parts in action sports but the heart won't be one of them. This shirt is a representation of modern streetwear fashion that puts the BS aside and reminds to kick & push. 

Alive womens t-shirt is a collaboration between 2ZTD and typography artist Snooze 1.  The inspiration for the idea of the shirt came from dirt bike tires spinning, flinging dirt back and launching on to a ramp, floating high in the air. 

Dirt flying from tires as the dirt bike launches straight towards a well-used wooden ramp. The speed takes the power machine soaring into the desert air with 2ZTD Splatter Hoodiet waving with the wind. This was the inspiration for designing this particular streetwear hoodie.


From twisted bike handlebars, dirt bike frames, to even twisted limbs it is all part of the process for BMX, Mountain Bike, and Motocross riders to do what they love. Puttting everything into getting to the next level and at 2ZTD we do the same to bring collections of gear that reflects the fearlessness of broken skateboards, bones, but never broken spirits. The dream is to make it big, but that in itself is not what drives us to and get us day in and day out to drop in, and grind. To be so familiar with the smell of the skatepark concrete, or the hard feel of the ground of a well run dirt path. Simply said action sports is life.

2ZTD started in California, splitting time between Los Angeles and San Diego, and is now based in San Diego. The origin might have started in Southern California, but we have grown enough to have the opportunity work with atheles and artists from Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, and many more around the world. 

Inspiration comes from all types of places, and it’s why 2ZTD was originated, which the reason was to take all that inspiration mix it up with our style and even though the end product always turns out twisted, it’s what sets us apart and let’s us ride our own path. It’s the reason  each of our pieces is different from the next because it’s never calculated and always designed by heart and inspiration.

Creatively Designed Apparel For Action Sports



We all know getting the right action sports shirts is tough and hard to find.

2ZTD is a brand that is offering some top of the line skate and graphic t shirts that are not only sourced for best in fabric, but they are also designed to look good and give you the exact comfort.

2ZTD is a San Diego, California-based brand that mixes a love of action sports with a true enthusiasm for streetwear fashion. Our shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and accessories are all created to let you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

2ZTD is primarily unique, with an aim to provide high-fashion materials and interesting graphics to those who  exhibit individuality through designs that exude personality.

We've come to test limits and be true to ourselves, and we encourage you to do the same.

Skaters, BMX'ers, and dirt bike riders all across the world get the latest urban gear from us.


With the Right Gear,
Great Things Can Happen

A skateboarding shirt to show exactly what you can do.

We had to reach out to artist Absorb81 for a one-of-kind character from him. The collaboration brought forward the the Thick Skull T-shirt that is perfect for the skate park, dropping in the half pipe, or cruising the streets.

Represent at the fullest, and let everyone know your part of the community with our 2ZTD Bomber Jacket.

Bomber Jacket fit for the streets or the half pipe with embroidered 2ZTD Icon. 

Comic-book style depiction of the cat & mouse game between security guards and skaters at malls and business centers all around the world.

After a full send the results aren't always as expected, but no matter what there is always an eagerness to downplay the pain and keep going. Get it one more time.